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ZD2SR Supra
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The Introma ZD-2SR stitching machine offers us flat, saddle and stab stitching in both single-cycle and continuous stitching mode. It provides us with single-phase stitching, which is ideal for our new office-based digital printing environment.

We relocated to new offices earlier this year but were unable to take our previous industrial offset equipment with us, given that it was unsuitable for our new office-based environment. As we’re located on the third floor we made a conscious decision to invest in digital printing equipment to reduce noise levels. The Introma ZD-2SR is a production level machine that also operates in single phase and this was a key factor in our decision-making process.
Did you look at any other machines?
We looked at several machines, however, we didn’t come across one that met our low noise criteria until we visited Digital Print World and the Total Print Finishing Services (Total PFS) stand. Until this point, we were planning to outsource our heavy duty stitching work, but when we saw the Introma ZD-2SR in operation, we knew it would meet our demands.

What features do you particularly like?
The Introma ZD-2SR’s level of productivity combined with its quiet operation was what really sold it to us.

What features do you dislike?
The only thing we could comment on is that the reels can be slightly hard to change on occasion. However, given that we use it regularly for heavy duty work, we tend to keep the thicker wire in place and use a entry-level stapling machine for managing the smaller jobs. Our digital photocopying equipment also undertakes the basic stapling of copied documents that are not so bulky.

How fast is it?
I believe it operates at a speed of up to 180 staples per minute. However, for us, speed wasn’t the overriding issue.

What’s the quality like?
We’re very pleased with the quality of the Introma. It manages both our internal and external work, and given we’re producing documents in duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate, on a regular basis, its consistent performance is most impressive.

How much time or money has it saved?
It’s helped increase productivity given its speed. We have also been able to keep stitching in-house, so we have avoided the costs associated with outsourcing, as well as the longer turnaround times and possible quality issues that can arise when you involve a third party.

Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or thereafter?
The machine arrived on time and the installation went very smoothly, especially as we’re on a raised area on the third floor. We’ve not experienced any problems so far and have been pleased with the machine to date.

What about the service?
We were impressed with the level of customer service provided by Total PFS. The product arrived on time and was installed without fuss and training was provided. The fact that the company was prepared to bring a machine across the country for us to look at, saving us the trouble of a long journey to view the equipment, impressed us too. As yet we haven’t had any problems with the machine requiring an engineer – this too has been a plus point.


Type of staple : Loop (omega) and standard
Productivity : up to 180 staples per minute
Flat stitching : from two sheets up to 25mm
Stabbing : up to 40pp
Saddle stitching : from two sheets up to 8mm
Diameter of wire : 0.5 - 1.0mm
Internal width of staple : 13mm
Wire consumption per staple : 25-73 mm
Power requirement : 0.4kW
Power supply : 380V three phasesor 220 one pase
Frequency : 50 or 60Hz
Lighting and control voltage : 24V
Dimensions : 400x720x1245mm
Height of the table : 820mm
Single cycles or continuous stitching operation overload, groung-fault and undervoltage protection : yes
protection shield coupled with electric control system : yes
Weight : 230kg
Gross weight : 280kg
Dimensions of packaging 80x140x80 cm